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Our family has been honored to share our music and ministry as the Frye Family Band in such places as Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania, Rapid City, South Dakota, Austin, Texas and many other places in-between. During our time on the road we have been asked many questions, not just about music, but often about family, marriage and raising up children of purpose. Through these conversations we have realized the need, even in our churches, for a ministry to help equip families to overcome the challenges of societal pressures, complacency, and generational sin. 

We have seen God at work in so many ways. And like the story of the widow's oil and flour found in 1 Kings 17:7-16, we have witnessed the Truth of God's provision when we have been willing to trust Him with our all. God truly does take the little we have to offer and multiplies it, making up the difference in order that His work will be made complete. We have seen this during our years as caregivers, throughout each new season of homeschooling, and in our music ministry.

Jesus tells us in John 16:33 to "...take heart, because I have overcome the world." We believe this hope allows us, not just to survive, but to thrive as families in the 21st century church. While we speak to some of this during our concerts, in response to the similarity and frequency of questions asked of us by those in attendance, we have developed the Family to Family Event.  These one, two, or three day events are specifically designed to engage, equip and energize families in their God given roles and purposes.  Family to Family Events include corporate worship, topical sessions (chosen by the host from the list below), and a Frye Family Band concert.

Family to Family Topics:

1.   Parenting as a Team (Reflecting the Personality of God to our Children) - examines the importance of a mother and father in the lives of their children and how best to reflect the personality of our Heavenly Father to our children, helping them to understand more clearly His unconditional love.

2.   Raising Up a Family of Purpose - examines our role and responsibility to prepare our children for a life of purpose by developing in them a Kingdom mindset.

3.   My Brother, My Sister, My Best Friend (The Importance of Deliberate Parenting) - addresses the importance of functioning as a healthy family and how, through deliberate decisions, effective God-honoring discipline, and serving in our homes, we can strengthen our families and further the Kingdom.

4.   Ministering as a Family - details the principles of serving God as a family. This session encourages parents to look for and develop the spiritual gifts of their children as a means through which they are not only discipled, but are also prepared to lead their own families in a lifestyle of faith.

5.  Obstacles or Opportunities (Viewing your story in the Light of the Gospel) - Through the sharing of his own struggle to overcome fear and insecurity, Tom encourages others to identify the story of Christ in their own life. Demonstrating the beauty of baring our scars as a means through which we can communicate God’s healing mercies and His ability to redeem our pain for the greater good.  

6.  The Call of the Father - Through scripture, his story and some sobering statistics, Tom brings to light the importance of a Fathers role in the physical, emotional and spiritual well-being of his children.

Here are what others our saying about our events:

"His family is so special, as they shared in worship, as they shared in testimony, small group studies this weekend, wow!  They just have such an awesome way of bringing the foundation of God through their family, what a blessing to have them and I would invite you to invite them to come to your church or your event because you'll be blessed also."
Pastor Rod Smith, Chippewa United Methodist Church, Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania

"This is a family who is getting it. I see that they are learning how to live life as Christ really wants them to live it and it gives me something tangible to look at and to see that my family can do life together, my family can talk about God together, my family is designed to minister together.  Seeing them do ministry today gave me hope, it gave me a model that we can point to...I look forward to further partnerships with Tom and to see where the Lord is going to take him because I think God is at work in this family's lives."
Pastor Brad Kittle, Praise Point Church, Willshire, Ohio

Their professionalism was exceptional. Very talented. I will have them back again and would recommend them for your next event. Tom is a courteous, caring man who loves to share his life and talents.                                                                                               Pastor Phil Steele, Jamb for the Lamb, Vestaburg, Michigan 

Our passion has always been to encourage the Body to live our their individual and collective purposes, and I am more and more convinced that many of our struggles as individuals and as a nation are born out of the erosion of the family.  Our hope is to encourage families to embrace an attitude of service in our homes, our churches, our communities and to the uttermost parts of the world, for the sake of the Gospel.

- Tom, on behalf of the Frye Family

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